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Have a Nice Day

Hello, I am Nitin Rawal. Thank you for visiting my Website.

There are so much reason for making this Website. Let me tell something about it :-

God has gifted various Good qualities to everybody. And in Life you get so much reasonable movement, people, events to live a life more joyfulness and with blessings of HIM, who gave this to you. So you must share it with everyone. There are so many medium to explain this blessings but the better medium is INTERNET.
So I make this Website for share everything with you.
Just to share with you, Specially with you........

Bold & Beautiful

If a men crazy to be HAPPY. Then only one way to achieve it, and that is LOVE & MEDITAION. Becouse MEDITATION gives him Consentration & LOVE gives depth in his being.

Notifying You of Site Enhancements

On My site you can find various news ,event, incidents and a lot about me and my life. In Photo Corner Section you can view some photos of those people who have a special feeling for me. On the link "Get a SMS for your Mobile" you can view,read,copy SMS and also share your funny SMS by uploading it.


Meditation is an instrument for the purification of the mind and its preparation for communion with the Ultimate. That is, meditation is a means to an end, not an end in itself.

                                     :- P. Rajagopalachariji

Share with Universe

Just remind you that God has given so much beautiful thinghs to us. Let people know about you and your being, about your life. Please do not remain seperate from the Universe. The whole World is desparate to known about people who are defferent from them, defferent in any way. And the strange thingh is every person is unique & defferent from another being. So just shows to world that how much you can be more loveble and human.

Best of Luck.

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